There are a lot of tools out there for supporting farm management and activities. As we at RONGO come across some of these tools, we will try to add them to the collection below.

On-Farm Tools: Refers to software, methods, processes and procedures, that has been developed to support managing a farm, or farm activities. This could be anything from a simple template in paper form, to a complex software solution, and everything in between.

The description of the tools are based on what information (at high level) is provided online by the providers of the tools, and do not reflect our view on what each systems is capable of.

If you have or know of an On-Farm tool that is not listed here below, please email

New Zealand


The following apps are either originated in New Zealand, or have good market share - as best as RONGO knows.

ABC Software Logo

ABC Software

ABC provides user-friendly software solutions tailored for growers and packers. The following are some of their products:

ABCgrower: A digital tool designed to capture on-orchard labor and inventory management. This product allows time and activity recording with offline capability, while also supporting minimum wage legislation requirements. It provides real-time visibility into productivity and block cost reporting.

ABCspray: A comprehensive digital spray diary that covers all agrichemical applications, including spray, dry fertilizers, and fertigation. This product offers printable instructions, auto-calculations, and compliance-ready records.

ABCpacker: A single packhouse solution that streamlines the process from farm to customer. This product provides a customized package for packing, marketing, and trading, while also increasing automation, accuracy, and efficiency.

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AgriSmart Logo


AgriSmartā„¢ is a New Zealand-based software company that has garnered several awards. The company is located at Waikato Innovation Park in the Waikato region. AgriSmartā„¢ offers a fully integrated job and workforce management software solution to businesses in New Zealand and other regions. Clients who use AgriSmart's software can perform various tasks, including payroll, timesheet management, job costing, invoicing, health and safety compliance, and more, all within a single system.

AgriSmartā„¢ specializes in serving the agricultural, horticultural, and viticultural industries. The company has a strong client base, which is a testament to the quality of its software and support services.

With a growing team based in Waikato Innovation Park, AgriSmartā„¢ is undergoing rapid expansion. Despite this growth, the company takes pride in keeping all operations in-house, from developers to sales and marketing to support services. This approach ensures that the software and services provided by AgriSmartā„¢ maintain their high standards of quality.

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FARMAX, designed for pastoral farmers in New Zealand, is a decision support and modeling tool. With this tool, you can construct a personalized model of your farm system and utilize it to monitor actual farm performance, predict future outcomes, and explore endless scenarios for potential modifications to your farm system.

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FarmIQ Logo


FarmIQ is a farm management software, aiming to bring all the farm information into one place.

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HawkEye Logo (Amended)


HawkEye is a comprehensive software solution tailored to farming operations, equipped with decision support, data recording, visualization, and reporting tools. It offers the ability to understand and visualize farm activities and environmental conditions.

HawkEye enables farmers to effortlessly keep track of their farm activities, generating detailed reports all in one centralized location. With accurate farm maps, monitoring and reporting become more precise. The software also facilitates ordering Ravensdown fertilizers accurately and quickly through the farm map, with requests going directly to the spreader. This feature monitors agronomy plans and nutrient limits, making it easier for farmers to make informed decisions. HawkEye's feed prediction feature allows users to create and view a feed wedge, predict growth, make strategic feed decisions, and calculate nitrogen use efficiency.

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Iris Data Science

Iris Data Science

Iris Data Science is a prominent artificial intelligence and machine learning company headquartered in Dunedin, New Zealand, that specializes in developing cutting-edge products and services tailored to the agricultural and horticultural industries. The company's advanced technology and expertise enable it to create innovative solutions that help farmers and growers optimize their operations, increase efficiency, and improve yields. By leveraging the power of AI and machine learning, Iris Data Science is able to deliver actionable insights and data-driven recommendations that enable its clients to make informed decisions and achieve their goals effectively. With a focus on innovation and excellence, Iris Data Science is a trusted partner for agricultural and horticultural businesses looking to leverage technology to gain a competitive advantage in their respective markets.

OmniEye Incorporating a non-intrusive camera-based scoring and monitoring system, Iris Data Science offers an innovative solution for the agricultural sector. The system collects tens of thousands of data points from each cow, on a daily basis, allowing farmers to make informed decisions for the welfare of their herd. Their first product, OmniEye Locomotion, allows for early lameness detection and drafting of animals, resulting in a reduction of lameness prevalence, less suffering, and fewer costly interventions and culling. The product also enables remote diagnostics for individual livestock by authorized personnel such as veterinarians. In addition, Iris Data Science's visual diary feature, OmniEye, provides a visual record of an animal's condition over time, helping farmers track the long-term health of their herd.
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Knode. Logo


The company provides proactive and always-on water management systems to help users make the most of every drop. Previously, it was not possible for water users to monitor, control, and optimize water usage effectively. However, the system developed by the company offers real-time information and automatic optimization to enhance yields, utilization value, and ensure that all water is utilized efficiently.

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Map of Ag Logo

Map of Ag

Map of Ag has a vision for becoming the most trusted global data platform connecting farms and industry. They provide tools for both.

Pure Farming. The platform provides farmers with complete transparency and control over how they connect and grant access to their data, ultimately benefiting their farm. By leveraging the platform, farmers can reduce administrative tasks such as duplication of data entry and capture, integrate more effectively with the supply chain, improve operational efficiencies, and manage a more sustainable business. The farmer-centred user interface enables users to determine what data they have connected, who can use it, and under what terms. This approach ensures that farmers retain complete control over their data and can use it to optimize their operations and achieve their goals effectively. By offering an intuitive and user-friendly interface, the platform makes it easy for farmers to leverage the power of data to drive business success.

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MyBallance Logo


Managing your farm's nutrient needs has never been easier with MyBallance. This online platform securely stores all your farm's fertiliser information in one place, allowing you to make informed decisions about nutrient management and place orders around the clock. MyBallance is accessible on any device, including laptops, desktops, tablets, and mobiles, enabling you to take care of your farm's needs wherever and whenever it's convenient for you.

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Mobble Logo


Mobble is a user-friendly mobile app designed to streamline livestock farm management in Australia and New Zealand. With Mobble, farmers and their team members, including family, can update records in real-time as they go about their daily tasks. The app functions seamlessly offline, enabling access to critical farm records even in remote paddocks. Additionally, Mobble enables the creation of farm records offline, which can be synced with the app's online database when internet connectivity is available.

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MyEnviro Logo


MyEnviro utilizes digital farm environment plans and incorporates real-time, verifiable data and analytics to track alterations in the environment. Key metrics such as soil health, water quality, emissions, pasture growth, and other factors are assessed to evaluate environmental changes. With MyEnviro, New Zealand's land guardians can proactively engage in environmental stewardship. By establishing common benchmarks, monitoring progress towards agreed-upon milestones, and making informed decisions based on data, positive actions can be taken to promote environmental sustainability.

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Onside Logo


Onside is a savvy work application tailored to individuals engaged in rural business operations. Its purpose is to boost productivity and minimize paperwork through digital tools that save time. Onside caters specifically to the rural industry and enables mobile check-ins and check-outs, eliminating the need for frequent trips to the office and facilitating seamless communication between on-site personnel. Visitors and contractors can swiftly start work, armed with readily accessible health and safety guidelines and GPS mapping. Property managers remain in the know about who's present on-site and the nature of ongoing activities. With the aim of simplifying life, Onside has already gained popularity among thousands of rural professionals nationwide.

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QCONZ is an audit company which provides several On-Farm tools.

Farm Scope has been developed for farmers and dairy companies to serve as a smart task management and quality assurance tool. With FarmScope, farmers can efficiently manage their land, animals, feed, and staff. It also allows users to record and report farm performance from their mobile devices. The app is a cost-effective and paperless solution that provides offline and online capabilities, putting users in charge of all significant tasks involved in farming.

MbT (Milking by Time) is an app and row/rotation timer designed for Herringbone and Rotary dairies. It enables dairy farmers to implement an efficient milking routine that is beneficial to both the cows and staff. The app allows users to set the most efficient row/rotation time for their herd, monitor row/rotation times, and record and review milking times. With the implementation of MaxT, the app ensures that the cows are milked at the optimal time, maximizing productivity and minimizing stress on the animals.

FWFP The Freshwater Farm Plan (FWFP) tool, created by QCONZ, allows farmers and farm consultants to create their own electronic freshwater farm plan. The tool is designed to be affordable and user-friendly, with a wizard feature that guides users through the process. A freshwater farm plan is a practical set of actions that farmers can take to improve water quality in local waterways, and it will be a mandatory requirement for all properties with an area of 20 hectares or more in arable and/or pastoral use, and 5 hectares or more in horticultural use from 2025 onwards. The FWFP tool is intended to help farmers meet this regulatory requirement efficiently and effectively. FWFP Page

SYNC is a data management tool that enables users to create electronic forms for data entry. The forms are made available to users via the SYNC app, which can be accessed on mobile phones. SYNC offers a paperless, real-time, fast, and efficient way to manage data. The tool can be used for various purposes, including inspections and audits, installation and maintenance, incident and safety management, collecting external evidence, and general business data collection. With SYNC, users can have smart data available whenever they need it, making data management more convenient and efficient.

Tracker is designed for farmers, transporters, and processors, as a mobile livestock tracking system that provides end-to-end tracking of livestock from the farm to the processing facility. The app allows farmers to link with their transport operator, book consignments, and demonstrate compliance with regulations. By leveraging the app's functionality, users can ensure that livestock are tracked throughout their journey, making it easier to manage logistics and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. The Tracker app provides a streamlined, user-friendly solution for managing the complex process of livestock transportation and processing.

Milk Quality The milk quality and production tracking app is designed to provide farmers with real-time access to their milk quality test information and production trends through their smartphones. The app offers several benefits, including easy access to the latest milk quality results, instant alerts for milk grades, and a history of milk collection for trend analysis and benchmarking. The app allows for password-protected, multi-farm access and automatically updates results when connected to the internet. Additionally, there are no restrictions on the number of user logins per farm, providing flexibility and ease of access to critical information. Overall, the app is a valuable tool for farmers seeking to streamline their milk quality and production monitoring processes.

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SiteConnect Logo


SiteSoft is a company that specializes in developing solutions for health and safety compliance requirements across various properties and stages of the property life-cycle. Their products are designed to help identify and record potential risks and hazards, which is crucial for meeting the legal compliance requirements of government-imposed health and safety laws and ensuring worker safety. One of their products, SiteConnect, is a site management software that uses mobile location technology to identify workers as they enter a job site and inform them of any associated risks and hazards. It also allows users to create custom risk auditing or property inspection tools and generate quick and shareable reports for stakeholders.

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Trev Logo


Trev is a dependable software solution for farm reporting. This online tool empowers users to construct a comprehensive operational database in under ten minutes per week. By partnering with industry peers and leveraging Trev's intelligent features, farmers can effortlessly exchange information, evaluate their farm's performance, and benchmark against industry standards to make informed strategic decisions.

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As often is the case, the line between Australian and NZ tech can be difficult to draw (and in some cases no need to draw that line). Following are the On-Farm tools that we have come across in Australia, though some of them seem to have presence in NZ as well.

30MHz Logo


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agKonect Logo


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AgPro Logo


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AGI Suretrack Farm Logo

AGI Suretrack Farm

AGRIDRY is a reseller of AGI Suretrack Farm

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Agrihive Logo


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Agrimaster Logo


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AgriWebb Logo


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Agworld Logo


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Apunga Logo


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BeeMate Logo





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SafeStation Logo


Made by CHRRUP

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Climate LLC Logo

Climate LLC

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Fieldview Logo


From Climate LLC

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Conservis Logo


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DAS Logo


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Deckhand Logo


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Envirada Logo


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Farmable Logo


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Farmify Logo


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FarmSimple Logo


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GMB Konect Logo

GMB Konect

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Grow Logic Logo

Grow Logic

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GrowData Developments Logo

GrowData Developments


HiveKeepers Logo


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i-Paddock Logo



NuPoint Logo


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Oceanfarmr Logo


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PLF Australia Logo

PLF Australia

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SafeStation Logo


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TieUp Farming Logo

TieUp Farming

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