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Our Ethos

At RONGO, we have a strong belief in directness, honesty, and respect. We believe that being transparent and open with one another is crucial to finding alignment and pulling our collective intelligence and resources together to address the challenges facing our world today. We strive to create an environment that encourages the free exchange of ideas, where everyone feels valued and heard.

At the same time, we understand that confidentiality, trust, and transparency are of utmost importance in building and maintaining relationships. We respect the privacy of others and take care to ensure that sensitive information is handled with the utmost discretion.

Achieving the right balance between speaking up, being direct, and listening actively can be challenging, but it's a balance that we believe is worth striving for. We recognize that we are all human and that we are all capable of making mistakes. When we get it wrong, we are quick to apologize and make amends, and we take responsibility for our actions. We believe that by acknowledging our mistakes and learning from them, we can become better as individuals and as an organisation.

Overall, our ethos is based on the principles of honesty, openness, and accountability. We believe that by upholding these values, we can create a positive and inclusive culture where everyone is empowered to contribute their best work, and where we can work together to make a positive impact on the world around us.

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In the context of this Disclaimer, RONGO refers to; the website, the brand RONGO, it's authors, and the parent company HanSam Consulting.

  • The information provided on RONGO is for general informational purposes only.
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We provide services to various organizations in New Zealand, including government organizations at the central, regional, and local levels. We are committed to avoiding political disputes, grandstanding, or partisan support.

Any opinions expressed on RONGO, whether about policies or specific projects, will be limited to that particular case, or put in the context of a long-term view (20 years or more).

Therefore, no content on RONGO should be interpreted as a criticism or active endorsement of a particular political party or person. Even when we express specific opinions or beliefs, such as our support for the Te Tiriti Principles and Māori inclusiveness and rights, it does not imply support for political parties that share those views.

To make it crystal clear, our opinions are our own, and they do not reflect those of the organisations we work for. We express our opinions without any political support or lack thereof.