One of many AI posts that are coming across our radar at RONGO these days. Lot in this one that I can agree with, or on similar note.

I Say This Unironically: Our Society Is Not Prepared For This Much Awesome
The AIs are just going to keep doing this, but it’s not all bad.

We should be ready to adapt and find out what new technology can provide, though as always we shouldn't ignore dangers or downsides potentials. Killer drones, targeted assassinations by DNA, terrorist attacks using bio-agents or cyber warfare, - these all are by default dangers that have become reality with new technology.

Maybe artificial intelligence is a real threat, as in; does it really need us when it truly becomes self aware and self evolving? But, being afraid of it because it 'takes away jobs', 'makes art worthless', 'fakes school essays' are all things we have heard before (or similar) around other technology, inventions or trends.

Reading comic books was so bad in the 1950's that they had senate hearings trying to ban them. Then it was the radio, then TV, then Games, then social media... It all starts out as a thing part of the society will brand as no good, and that it should be stopped at all cost.

As with everything, do too much of something, or lean too much into it at the cost of other things, is not good - neither for individuals or the society. And new technology will bring changes, challenges, and maybe for some it will be truly awful (as their specific skill is no longer has the same level of need.

What I can get behind though is that change has never happened faster, nor have we had so many of them. Since 2019 our world seems to change drastically every few months. In less then two months, technology that only some knew of, and fewer had the option to utilize, has become household name across the world - and is truly going to transform our lives.

Not sure if for better or worse - only that in either case it is going to far away from what we imagine.

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