Rongo is a team of insightful individuals with extensive experience in the fields of data, agriculture, and climate change. Our speciality lies in harnessing the power of data to inform and influence decision-making, all with an eye towards the future of New Zealand. Drawing from our diverse backgrounds in private sector, local and central government, and end-user perspectives, we offer a unique approach that pairs a strategic, horizontal lens with a detail-oriented, vertical focus.

Our work spans across technology, process mapping, improvements, programme management, technology implementation, and strategic visioning. We pride ourselves on our ability to balance a broad, long-term view with a meticulous attention to detail. This blend of a helicopter perspective and a deep-dive approach enables us to ensure that the minutiae align with the overarching vision, making us uniquely equipped to navigate this complex field.

Rongo serves as our platform to share findings, experiences, studies, and interests in this expansive sphere. While our current focus is primarily on agricultural data, verified credentials, data definitions, and government policies affecting farmers, our scope is far from limited. Our interest in the wider picture fuels our commitment to the long-term resilience of Earth, New Zealand, and our families.

In essence, our mission at Rongo is to understand our environment through the lens of data and to aid others in doing the same. We believe in the transformative power of data, and through sharing our knowledge and insights, we aim to contribute meaningfully to the dialogue on our planet's future.

The Team

Sam Ragnarsson

Chad Payne